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Atluri Holdings serves as the backbone for a diverse array of business units, encompassing Marketing, Strategy, IT, Finance, and Human Resources, ensuring seamless operations across the organization. Within Atluri Holdings, there are seven specialized companies: Atluri Audio, Highbrow Audio Visual, Highbrow Class, Highbrow Productions, HB Select, and Highbrow Venues, each dedicated to distinct facets of the AV services spectrum. Our overarching mission is one of transformation, aiming to reshape how people perceive the professional audio-visual industry. We achieve this through a technology-neutral approach, drawing on our extensive expertise, experience, and innovative tools to deliver tailored solutions that precisely meet our clients' unique needs. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, we are proud members of AVIXA, a global association representing AV professionals, underscoring our dedication to industry standards and professionalism. In summary, we function as a central support hub for our group's diverse business units, with a specific focus on providing specialized AV services through our subsidiary companies, while our ultimate goal is to redefine industry perceptions and elevate AV standards in partnership with AVIXA.

Our Founder's / MD

Shri. Balaprasad Atluri

Mr. Balaprasad Atluri, the visionary behind ATLURI & Co., has led the company on an extraordinary journey that spans over four decades. With a steadfast commitment to bringing top-quality audiovisual and security solutions within reach of all, he has been instrumental in the company's remarkable growth. In 1982, ATLURI & Co. began its journey as a distributor for Orient-Vijay TV, introducing India to its first portable TV. The turning point occurred in 1985 when Philips approached the company to handle their Industrial Electronics Division (IED). Under Mr. Atluri's leadership, ATLURI & Co. shifted its focus exclusively to Philips, becoming the first choice for introducing new products in Philips CSI range to prestigious Indian organizations. Today, the company operates under Bosch Building Technologies, continuing to provide cutting-edge solutions. ATLURI & Co. stands out in the market by combining the attention to detail of a small business with the resources to tackle large projects. Mr. Atluri's unwavering focus on building lifelong client relationships is evident through personalized services and top-of-the-line equipment. Mr. Balaprasad Atluri's deep understanding of customer needs, commitment to reliability, and competitive pricing have led to a growing list of satisfied clients, including government bodies, corporate offices, schools, and more. ATLURI & Co. offers technical consultancy, project development, and exceptional support, ensuring customer satisfaction. Under Mr. Atluri's leadership, ATLURI & Co. remains dedicated to delivering top-quality audiovisual and security solutions that consistently exceed expectations.

Sreecharan Atluri

Sreecharan Atluri is the Director and Founder of Atluri Holdings and a Group of Companies, driven by a mission to revolutionize the Pro Audio Visual Service Industry in India. With a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics & Communication Engineering and executive education from esteemed institutions like Harvard Business School, IIM Ahmedabad, and the Indian School of Business, he combines technical expertise with business acumen. Sreecharan Atluri established these ventures with the intent to introduce the highest quality AV standards to the Indian AV services landscape. Notably, he achieved the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification through InfoComm, demonstrating his mastery of AV technologies. As an active member of the India Advisory Group and Entrepreneurs Organization since 2008, he cultivates valuable industry connections. Described as dynamic, adaptable, and passionate about technology, Sreecharan Atluri's people- and process-oriented approach, coupled with his profound understanding of business processes, make him a visionary leader poised to drive innovation and excellence in the AV industry.

Our Services

Their are the back end services we provide to our SBU's, To manage them and help them work more efficiently.

How We Work

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Our Partners

Our AV Technology Partners are at the heart of our success, joining us in our mission to deliver cutting-edge audio-visual solutions. Together, we ensure seamless integration, innovation, and exceptional experiences for our clients.

Industry Associates

Our Industry Associates are invaluable collaborators, enriching our network with diverse perspectives and expertise. Together, we forge connections, share insights, and drive our industry forward with shared vision and innovation.

Business Timeline

Atluri Holdings has emerged as a leading force in the professional audio-visual industry, driven by a commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction. Our timeline chronicles our remarkable growth and achievements, highlighting the milestones that have shaped our success.

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